Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mom Time in '09: How to make time for yourself

Hm, now this is a tricky question for me (and probably a lot of women). I'm an over-giver, and generally think about everyone else first, then myself last.

However, I have a great husband that supports whatever I come up with... I want to go get a pedicure, he says 'great!' (and usually wants one too - I love it!). I also have great friends that like to meet for lunch, and I'll take an extra 30 minutes after lunch to either walk around downtown myself or maybe pop into a favorite shop for some drooling.

When I really need to recharge, I generally have to be by myself. Whenever I grab a romance novel, it's my husbands cue that I'll be 'absent' for a day. I devour them within hours, and can take myself into another world and relax. Tune all else out and ignore everyone/everything.

Otherwise, I really like to do most other things with people and as long as I feel like I have a good balance of different activities going, I don't feel like I need 'time for myself'. Those activities are what I do FOR myself, for fun and they are what keep me going and excited each week.

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Felicia said...

It is so awesome to have a supportive husband!! A blessing!

Laura said...

I agree! :)