Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby Sparewear

I'm sure carrying an extra item of clothing in the diaper bag is not a new concept. But what is a great idea, is a coordinated outfit, that comes in a handy travel pouch so it's convenient, compact and ready at a moments notice!

Introducing... Baby Sparewear! Their designs are also simple and classic and can mix and match.

And... Mogul Baby is having a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Baby Sparewear! Yay.

But hurry, the giveaway deadline is tonight at midnight.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BabyLuxe mega holiday giveaway!!

Hold onto your holiday hats... things are about to get bumpy! Feel the ground shaking? That's the stampede to enter the mega holiday giveaway at BabyLuxe. I'm not kidding.

I don't think I've ever seen so many quality prizes, things I not just want but need and drool over, in one place before. It really is mesmerizing. So watch out! You'll have to get in line. And you'll have to fight me for the Uppa Baby Vista stroller. But, I want you to have a chance at some holiday cheer too! Because I love you, and because you deserve a prize.

So, head on over to BabyLuxe now. Seriously. DO. NOT. DELAY.

A few of the prizes up for grabs:
Leapfrog Didj
Uppa Baby Vista Stroller
Boon High-Chair
Zosephine Diaper Bag
Robeez Shoes
An Organic Blanket
Belle Baby Carrier
Ring Jewelry
Custom Photo Collage
Goosie Cards
...and more!
Much more!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Your Very Own Hospital Gown

Child Labor... It's magical, a miracle, wonderful and so very worth the pain. But there it is, there's pain. And you're in a hospital. It's not comfortable, you're feeling very unattractive, and being poked and prodded. But oh my, is it worth it!! And we can't wait to meet Thor in January (or February, if he's anything like his parents)!!

If you're a friend of mine, you're probably aware that I just spent a 'fun' afternoon at Swedish hospital a couple weeks ago. After having a small tear on my cervix, and my doctor worrying about it shortening, I thought I should get some 'pinching' feelings checked out. While the hospital staff are all very friendly, and they do all that they can to make you comfortable, you're still in a hospital. And this time around, I didn't have our sweet baby in my arms to cuddle and distract myself with (we dont want that to happen until January, he needs some more growing time!). Turns out, I had a UTI. Yay, no shortening of my cervix and not a big deal. Overall, the afternoon was a preview of our upcoming hospital stay.

If given the chance, I would love to do what I can to make my next hospital visit (hopefully, labor day!) as comfy as possible, and to focus on happy thoughts! So I'm thinking, as you walk around your hospital room and look in the mirror/window reflection, why not have your own hospital gown looking back at you? Something 300 other laboring mothers haven't worn, that doesn't smell like hospital, and that's pretty. Sign. Me. Up!!

Healthy Moms is giving one lucky soon-to-be-mom their own hospital gown from Labor Looks, and I think it's wonderful. What a fun gift, just for mom. A little something extra special (not a 'need', but a 'want') for a rough few hours of her life (which she's glad to go through, but is none the less a bit painful).

This will be our first baby, and I would love to win. Why? It's these extra special touches that make the lead-up time more exciting, the day-of more comfortable, and the after a cherished memory.

Thanks for the chance Healthy Moms!

Would you like to enter to win too? Click here

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New giveaway!

Bellaziza's Favorite Things is having a spectacular giveaway again...

You could win a Recaro Youth Sport car seat!! Oh, how we are going to need one of these to protect our precious cargo. When you browse their site, I promise you will be wow'd with their safety standards and commitment. It takes all the worrying out of selecting the 'best' car seat, and all that's left for you to do, is choose your favorite color. Love that.

Hurry over though, contest ends Monday, November 24th.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quilt Giveaway

Dana has done it again, only bigger! Bigger, and more amazing!

She is giving away 3 quilts, 1 each to 3 winners. Yahoooo.

Check out the quilt giveaway at Old Red Barn, and then stay to check out her blog. It's fun, and a great read.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


SKR. Do you know what I'm talking about?? Of course you do!! Why? Because I love See Kai Run, and I tell you about them a lot. They are the CUTEST, funkiest, best shoes I've seen for little feet.

Well, we're all in luck. Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is hosting a giveaway for a pair of See Kai Run shoes. Love it.

Head on over and enter! The giveaway ends on November 13.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bellazizas Favorite Things

This one is worth revisiting: Bellaziza's Favorite Things

Remember, I told you about their organic mattress giveaway, well... they're at it again! But I suggest you head over for not only the fun swag, but also bookmark them as a 'good read' and stop in every couple days.

They list some fun info on celebrities and what they're buying for their little ones, good baby tips (like how to make your own baby food), etc.

And, of course, the swag! They find the best stores and must have great relationships for all the amazing swag they score. I'm forever impressed.

So don't delay... check them out by clicking here!!

Current swag giveaway: Hatley kids snow suit