Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Your Very Own Hospital Gown

Child Labor... It's magical, a miracle, wonderful and so very worth the pain. But there it is, there's pain. And you're in a hospital. It's not comfortable, you're feeling very unattractive, and being poked and prodded. But oh my, is it worth it!! And we can't wait to meet Thor in January (or February, if he's anything like his parents)!!

If you're a friend of mine, you're probably aware that I just spent a 'fun' afternoon at Swedish hospital a couple weeks ago. After having a small tear on my cervix, and my doctor worrying about it shortening, I thought I should get some 'pinching' feelings checked out. While the hospital staff are all very friendly, and they do all that they can to make you comfortable, you're still in a hospital. And this time around, I didn't have our sweet baby in my arms to cuddle and distract myself with (we dont want that to happen until January, he needs some more growing time!). Turns out, I had a UTI. Yay, no shortening of my cervix and not a big deal. Overall, the afternoon was a preview of our upcoming hospital stay.

If given the chance, I would love to do what I can to make my next hospital visit (hopefully, labor day!) as comfy as possible, and to focus on happy thoughts! So I'm thinking, as you walk around your hospital room and look in the mirror/window reflection, why not have your own hospital gown looking back at you? Something 300 other laboring mothers haven't worn, that doesn't smell like hospital, and that's pretty. Sign. Me. Up!!

Healthy Moms is giving one lucky soon-to-be-mom their own hospital gown from Labor Looks, and I think it's wonderful. What a fun gift, just for mom. A little something extra special (not a 'need', but a 'want') for a rough few hours of her life (which she's glad to go through, but is none the less a bit painful).

This will be our first baby, and I would love to win. Why? It's these extra special touches that make the lead-up time more exciting, the day-of more comfortable, and the after a cherished memory.

Thanks for the chance Healthy Moms!

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