Friday, January 2, 2009

Indie Stroller Giveaway

A stroller must be one of the most coveted prizes, for mom giveaways. How could it not be? Everyone needs one, there are some really cool designs on the market, and they can be fairly pricey.

When we started stroller shopping, I thought my head was going to explode! Seriously. With so many factors to consider (wheels - air or plastic, under-bag storage size, seat recline ability, width and weight, etc), it nearly drove me mad. And even once you buy one, most friends told me they ended up with 2-3 strollers (one friend has 4!) because one stroller just can't be/do everything. You need a city stroller, a travel stroller, a jogging stroller... and on and on, depending on your lifestyle.

I could continue, but let's get to the point: we all love and need stroller(s)! And we all love getting something so highly coveted for free. Yes, we do.

So, lets throw our hat in the ring for a very cool stroller being given away at Mommy Mandy... the Indie.

Isn't it pretty, and cool, and functional, and darn tootin GREAT?!

My fingers are crossed, and I'm very thankful to both Amanda and Bumbleride for the chance to win a great product for Thor. What are you waiting for? Get over there and enter!!

Good luck to you (and me!)!

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