Monday, December 1, 2008

Hottest Holiday Toys of 2008

The blogosphere is buzzing with gift guides, and Christmas Countdown Giveaways! If you haven't seen what I'm talking about, you must be living under a rock.

I love browsing the gift guides, seeing the various styles and tastes of each mom and especially reading opinions if they've used the toys/clothes/books/etc with their kids. Being a soon-to-be new mom, having honest mom reviews and resources for baby prep has been invaluable. A big 'thank you' to all you mom bloggers!

Today I read a post titled the Hottest Holiday Toys of 2008, and I thought they were right on target! At least, many of the toys fit with my taste and preferences. There were toys for the older kids and younger set, wooden/eco-friendly options, and some tried & true classic favorites.

I definitely encourage you to visit Mamanista's blog and check out her Hottest Toy guide. And while you're there, she's got a Christmas countdown happening, with lots of great giveaways! Happy shopping.


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