Wednesday, October 8, 2008 Gift Certificate Deal

I just bought a few gift certificates as 'thank yous' and for christmas presents and wanted to share... offers $10 or $25 gift certificates to restaurants in your area for a fraction of the price. A $10 GC costs you $3. A $25 GC costs $10.

There are usually 'conditions', so read carefully before buying. For example, a restaurant may not allow the gift certificate to be used during their popular weekend brunch, or it excludes alcohol, etc. Nothing unreasonable.

BUT, right now (through Oct. 12), use code DISCOVER and get an extra 50% off. So your $25 GC only costs $5!! Yahoo!

So buy, and eat away. This deal is too good to pass up!

Are you wondering what's going on with Thor? ha, ha. Sorry. Yes, we are still pregnant and an update will be coming soon! Maybe even a pic (wink, wink).


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