Sunday, September 21, 2008

YGG: Jig

As you all will soon see, I've been having a big debate with myself over our registry. I have the customary items (bottles, butt paste, manicure set, etc) on there. But then there are the things I just flat-out want. I feel a little guilty over adding these items, so after adding them, I deleted them. But a few still remain, and I'm sure you'll know which ones they are! :)

One of the items I seriously contemplated putting on my registry, but didn't, was a custom onesie set from Jig. And guess what... Your Goodies Galore is offering a set as a giveaway!! With any luck, I'll win and have my much loved Jig set after all. A girl can dream, right?

If you'd like your chance to enter the giveaway and win a custom Jig onesie set, click here. Or copy/paste this URL into your browser:

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