Friday, September 5, 2008

Baby Week at Little Birdie Secrets

Hurry! I just found out about the cutest ever baby week, and you dont want to miss out... it's been going on all week at Little Birdie Secrets blog, so it's ending soon.

But if you dont make it in time to enter their giveaway, dont worry, bookmark the site and you're guaranteed to still love it as a resource. They have GREAT tutorials on how to make your own baby gear - and they're all sooo cute (and useful).

For example, make your own binkie clips:

I'm definitely trying this one out. With a bit of mom's help, I may even be a binkie making machine and make a few extra for friend's shower gifts (you know who you are!).

Click here to join the fun, or copy/paste this URL in your browser:


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